Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 100

Day 100! Seriously?! WOW! I'm very proud of myself for sticking with my goals for 14 weeks and 2 days! Go me!!  I'm going to try to catch up on everything I didn't report in the past couple days... here we go...

Saturday was Day 98.  My nephew had spent the night with the boys Friday night so first thing we had to do was take him home. Next on the agenda was shampooing the carpet in the boys bedrooms. We had borrowed my FILs shampooer and needed to return it when we went down on Sunday.

The boys did most of the work as far as cleaning up the toys, etc so we could find the floor. I vacuumed both rooms and shampooed about 3/4 of Dalton's before Michael took over. For some reason it killed my back.

After the rooms were done we all showered and headed out. We had to take some things back to Tractor Supply and pick up feed, hay, and litter for the rabbits. Even though, at that point, I could have cared less if Bai's rabbit, Jabba, fell over dead. He bit a hunk out of my wrist! I was trying to get him out of his cage to clean the litter box. About the time I put my hand under his bottom he twisted around and latched onto the inside of my wrist. I couldn't get him loose and was in a panic. I'm sure it was pretty comical for Michael after he seen that I was going to be ok. There Jabba was, just hanging from my wrist, like it was the normal thing to do. It hurt like heck!

We stopped by JcPenney while we were out and about. Bai needed new jeans, they both needed a decent outfit to wear to church on Easter... as they've outgrown everything they have. Michael needed a couple shirts and so did I. We ended up spend a fortune that we really didn't have. But what can you do?

Next up was Walmart. I had to get candy for the boys Easter baskets and they picked out a toy. We don't do the Easter Bunny so they have a choice in what they recieve. Oh, and I had to get supplies to make desserts for both Mom's Easter dinner and Michael's Mom's cookout.

We had supper at Taco Bell. I had 2 soft tacos. Then ended up eating 2 more. I was absolutely starving. I had barely ate all day because I had been so busy. I know this is a major mistake. I should always take time to plan out what I am going to eat. Letting yourself get to that stage of hunger never has a good ending. At least not for me. 

It was around 10 pm when we finally made it home. We still had to color eggs and I had desserts to make.. two cakes, two pies, and two packs of brownies. Thankfully I'm not really a fan of sweets so it wasn't that had for me to resist those.

We did eventually get it all done and get in bed.

Sunday was day 99. Michael, the boys, and I got up early and went to church with my family. Afterwards we came home to change and then went to Moms for Easter dinner. I ate, but really didn't go overboard.. until dessert. Like I said.. I'm not really a fan of dessert.. except when it comes to Mom's  homemade peach cobbler. Yeah.. I caved and ate probably a cup or two. 

We hid eggs for the kids to hunt and I helped my sisters clean up the kitchen. Then it was time to hit the road again.

We drove a few counties over to the In-Law's cookout. I ate there too. A hamburger, some cauliflower, chips, dip, and several jello eggs. Yeah.. it was a bad day food wise. The kids had a blast playing at the parks playground and hunting eggs. It is always so much fun!  After the cookout, we drove over to the in-laws house for a few hours. 

It was around 10 pm by the time we made it home. I got the boys showered, had a quick shower myself, and hit the hay. I was so exhausted!  It was a great family based weekend though.

Today, Monday, is day 100! I slept til noon and worked on cleaning the house up, cooking, and doing laundry. Michael cut grass while I was doing things inside.

Later, we loaded up the boys bikes and motorcycles into the truck and headed down to a nearby church parking lot to let them ride. I know to some people that may be strange, but the church parking lot is the only place we have around here they can bike safely. Its a huge parking lot and everyone around here uses it as a walking track and bike track. The church doesn't mind at all. 

We had to stop by Mom and Dad's on the way so Michael could borrow an allen-wrench to tighten up Bai's handle bars. Those of you that read my blog regularly know what happened last time we took the boys bikes out. Michael's knee is still giving him issues after that one.

While we were at Mom's my niece called wanting the boys to come and spend the night. So instead of riding bikes we ended up taking the boys to meet my sister. They went home with her and we had to end up going to pick them up at midnight. Bailey got sick. He has a sore throat, fever, and headache. I'd say he has strep. It's a trip to the doctor for him tomorrow. I noticed Dalton has been sneezing a lot today. I hope he isn't coming down with something too.

In between dropping the boys off and picking them up, I walked 2 miles on the treadmill. It was really hard for me to get back on there after a few days off, but I managed it. I think I've just lost a little of my mojo that I had in the beginning but I will work hard to get it back.

Food today was pretty good. I didn't go over my limits. I drank some water, but not enough. And I had a Diet Coke. Still, it was a better day than yesterday and that is something, right?

I'm off to bed. I better get some rest while I can. It may be a long night.


  1. What an eventful weeeeekend!!! It sounds like you at least tried to make a healthy pick at taco bell. I am the same way if I wait too long too eat.

    1. Very eventful. LOL. Our life usually is. No cool calm sailing around here. How was your weekend?