Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55

Okie Dokie guys.. today wasn't the best day for me. I have been so exhausted I could barely go. Dalton kept me up the night before last and then last night Bailey was up with a headache and fever. I did lay down and take a 3 hour nap midday which helped some. I was able to do some cleaning that needed to be done here around the house. I didn't however get on the treadmill. I feel a bit guilty about that.. but I just didn't have it in me today.

My calories were within range, I didn't have any Diet Coke, and I drank a TON of water.

The scales moved a tiny smidge today. Hopefully a bit more tomorrow... but where I didn't get on the treadmill... I dunno. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Michael is off from work tomorrow and I would really like to get to go to the rec center and get in a good workout if the kids are feeling better. But, Michael would like to go to his Moms, which is an hour drive in the other direction.. so working out at the rec center may not happen unless we get super early and go. I know I can't skip working out all together again. I have to put in the effort if I want to see results.

I really wanted this to be a good week, but instead it has been totally insane. I will be lucky to have a 1 lb loss this week when I do my official weigh in on Sunday. Even if I haven't lost, as long as I haven't gained I'll just deal with it and work harder next week.

Life is never going to always go our way, so if I don't make it, Ill pull myself up by my boot straps and keep on truckin'. Ill get there eventually.

I hope you all had a marvelous day!


  1. I SO understand! I was hoping for a loss to take me to 215 lbs by today. Instead I have been a yo-yo all week. I went from 216 last Saturday to 223!!!! by Monday...then up and down the rest of the week. I was drinking my water, hadn't done ANYTHING different and bam! I was back down to 217 this morning. Soooo frustrating. It doesn't help that my husband brought home an entire pizza from his parents house last night. Sigh.... I don't feel like working out today either. LOL, I am a hot mess!

    1. Tracey, the boys have pizza pretty often because the love it. When I was younger pizza was a huge temptation for me. Now it isn't as hard unless it is the new Digornio garlic pizza. I have a hard time passing that one up. We were on the go all day today so the boys ate out at Long John Silvers before we dropped them off to spend the night with my sister. Now that was temptation. OMGoodness.. I wanted those hush puppies so bad. The scale was horrible this morning. The yoyo is driving me insane too. I think I am ovulating though. Hopefully it is just water weight. I hope you are at 215 in the morning. Good luck. :)