Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54

Today has been a pretty decent day. I stayed up late reading and had to get up early, but I made it through the day ok. I was a bit irritated when the scale was still dead even.. down to the ounce.. but I eventually got over it. 

I took the kids to the library this evening and then after work Michael met up with us and we went to the rec center to work out. I walked 2 miles on the treadmill and read my book while I walked. I am sure I got more than a few strange looks, and more than likely totally embarrassed my DH, but hey.. it passes the time and I never said I wasn't a bookworm. After the treadmill I did 6 miles on the bike. No strength training. It takes forever for me to get my cardio in and by that time the kids are getting impatient.

Food today has been ok. We did eat supper at Subway, but I still came in under my calorie goal. I even got in all my water. So all in all today has been a keeper.

I have to drive my youngest to school in the morning so I better get some rest. I hope everyone else had a fantastic day!



  1. Hello!
    Sounds like a good day all around. Good choices become a habit and you should be very proud! I am proud of you :D Have a great weekend. I still have the flu, so I am going to go back to bed.
    How ya doing on the DC? Im having a hard time not drinking it. I know that sounds silly, just stop drinking it, i know, i know...but, lol

    1. Hey Adra!

      It was a pretty good day yesterday and this morning the scales dropped a tiny bit. I was getting sick of sitting at the same exact number.

      I hope you start feeling better. My son started getting sick last night. It is horrible.

      Oh.. I had some Diet Coke with my Subway. Still though, I'm doing better than I use to. I use to walk around with one in my hand all day long. So, I totally understand how you feel.

      Thanks for commenting.. btw :)