Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 52

Hello.. ello.. ello.. Anyone out there?

I know someone is reading.. as the page-views are going up.. hit that there comment button. Haha.

How is everyone tonight? Great I hope!

Today has been a pretty decent day. I have managed to get all my water in, keep my calories in check, and go to the rec center to work out. I did two miles on the treadmill and a little over six miles on the bike. I had hoped to do some strength training, but they were closing at 9pm. I thought they stayed open til 11pm, but apparently not.

The scales weren't too horribly mean this morning. I was up a lb but my hands and feet were super swollen. I guess too much sodium at Moms didn't help the fact that I had too much food to begin with.  Hopefully we are back on track by tomorrow or the next day. I really want to be down 30 lbs by my birthday in March. If I stay on plan, I am sure I can make it.

I guess I am going to hit the hay as I have the urge to munch on something and I don't want to put food in my mouth at this hour. To bed I go.

Until next time,
Over and out!


  1. Chullo cyber friend. Its me, anni! Again, thanks for posting and encouraging. I have finally began my blog for this weight loss "promenade" lol. I am envious of you walking on the treadmill. I miss those days! But soon, very soon, I too will be on the treadmill, I hope. Anyway, way to go! keep it up and together we can do this :D...and ya know, right now I would give anything for a diet coke...nice to know im not the only DC lover out there, lol

    1. Hello Andra! Thank you for commenting. I was beginning to think I was talking only to myself.. but if that is what I have to do to lose weight.. well I guess I'd just be talking to myself. LOL.

      Diet Coke is like a drug to me. I really love that stuff. I can pass on about anything.. but it is super hard for me to pass up a cold glass of addiction on ice.

      Can't wait to hear that you are on the treadmill.

      Good luck with your blog. I'll do my best to stop by often. Have a great day!

  2. Hi there! I don't have many comments at all on my blog posts. In fact, I have a grand total of one comment. LOL! But the page views are going up so I know folks are at least reading. Keep up the good work. You've made great progress so far!

    1. Thank you! :)

      What is the link to your blog? I'll stop by!

  3. Hi! You are not posting to yourself! I have tried to comment on your posts before, but it wouldn't let me until I created a google account. I am not that computer literate, lol. I found your blog on the 3FatChicks site and you are an inspiration to me. I will try to comment more, and I will share my story as well. I thought about starting a blog, but I am so boring, but it may be a good idea just to keep track of myself. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Tracey! Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I'm glad you made your way over from 3FC. I inspire you? Wow. That is fantastic. Makes me want to keep at it. I have a hard time inspiring myself. I'd love it if you will share your story with me, and a blog is a fantastic idea. I use it to keep myself accountable. Boring? You couldn't be any more boring than me. Get to it! Be sure to share the link though so I can stop by and check your blog out. :) Have a great day!