Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 50 and 51

Sorry I have been MIA. It snowed yesterday, a lot. It was a very heavy/wet snow. So we had trees down everywhere and no electricity. We had to spend the night at my parents house as they have a wood stove to keep us warm. Food was horrid. I did get in my water and a little exercise as I did some walking in the snow. I didn't get any scheduled exercise. I am home now (with electricity) and I am exhausted. So no exercise today either. I'm back on track tomorrow. Promise. 

Just a few pics to show you what it looked like around here. 

View from my porch.
Looking back at the goat barn.
Our drive. I about ran the whole way.. trees were falling.
View from Mom's porch.
View from Mom's house looking the hill toward our house.
Nite, nite all.

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