Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day EIGHTEEN Diet and Exercise

Surprisingly, today went pretty well. I stayed within my calorie limit, drank my water and most of it was just plain water, no Diet Coke, and I walked a whopping three miles on the treadmill! I even tracked my calories on my fitness pal.

The hardest part about today was the left over pizza from yesterday. It was so hard not to eat a slice of that pizza for breakfast. But I didn't cave in because I am on a mission. I would love to lose 30 lbs by March. It may not happen, but I am gonna give it my all!

I think the kids are getting use to not having as much pop and junk food in the house, which is good too. I don't want them to grow up and have the issues that I have had. I want them to remember a Mom who was full of life, ate healthy, and exercised regularly. Rather than a Mom who was fat and lazy.

I pray for strength to see this through. One day at a time, one lb at a time.

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