Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111

Shew.. VERY long day.

I got up early, got Dalton off to school. Next it was time to get Bai up and ready to go with me to Moms. We loaded up his books so that he could do his work while we were there. I had promised Mom I would come down and clean for her and Dad. I help clean up a little every Sunday, but about once a month I go down and clean the entire house from top to bottom. I also do all the laundry, change the sheets, etc. I worked myself into the ground. Then I had to come home and clean my own house.Talk about tired.

My thigh is still giving me some issues, but I got on the treadmill and walked a mile. I didn't push any further than that because it hurt. I couldn't walk at my normal 3 mph. I had to go around 2.5 mph.  I must of really used that muscle the other night. Thankfully I know I will be better soon.

I hopped on the scales at Moms this morning and saw another drop in my weight. I'm not 100% sure it was correct though as her scales are pretty old. I'll wait until tomorrow and reweigh on my scales before I get excited.

My food has been ok today. I didn't go over my calorie limit, didn't cut into my exercise calories, no junk food, and lots of water. I did have a glass of Diet Coke, but oh well.. pick and choose your battles. 

I stayed up way too late last night and got up way too early. I'm seriously gonna hit the hay before 10 pm on a Friday night.

Over and out. 


  1. I cannot imagine how exhausting cleaning two houses was! Again, well done for getting on that treadmill! I hope your thigh heals soon. I know how much it sucks to have an injury hold you back.

    Sleep well :)

    1. Thanks! I got plenty of rest and my thigh is feeling much better today :)

  2. Cleaning is a great way to burn calories! I'm sure you burned a bunch, especially considering how tired you were when it was all done!

  3. I have noticed if I don't get enough sleep at night my weight is harder to maintain

    sleep is sooo important

    congrat on the WL :)

  4. oh man... cleaning. I wish I were more motivated with that. good job though, lady!

    Hope you're getting some good deep stretching in to help that thigh. :)

    1. The thigh is feeling much better this morning. :)