Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69

Today was normal.. for the most part.

Mom was feeling fair. Weak and hurting, but not smothering. Michael went back to see the eye doc. She took out his patch and told him he could start using the drops every 4 hours instead of 2. She also said he had healed up nicely over night with the dilation and contact patch. He may still have a weeks worth of blurred vision, but he will be fine.

My food could have been better but I kept it within my limits. I didn't get on the treadmill because my back, stomach, legs, and arms were killing me after unstopping a culvert and clearing about 1/8 a mile of ditch by myself this evening. It stormed last night and stopped everything up. It was a mess. Water going everywhere.

Hope each of you had a wonderful day!

Tomorrow is a new one and I am thankful for that. Off to bed.

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