Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68

Today started out on a good note. I hopped on the scale this morning and to my surprise I am down 32 lbs now. 32! I just about jumped up an down.

Mom called early and said they were releasing her to come home after dialysis today. She normally has it MWF, but due to the transplant uproar yesterday they didn't do it on her as they thought she was being flown out. So she had to catch up today. She did end up getting home late this afternoon. I know it has to feel good to sleep in her own bed again. There is no place like home. At least not to me. I'm so thrilled to have her home.

Things were going so smoothly.. then I got a phone call.. Michael was in the ER. He hurt his eye at work. He is a butcher/meat cutter and he was taking hamburger out of a box to grind it and the box got caught on a shelf, flipped itself up and poked him right in the eye. His eye was watering horribly and when he went to the bathroom to look at it he could see it had been scratched. He was afraid there may have been blood on the box from the meat room so his co-worker drove him to the ER. They put some sort of dye in his eye to see the scratch, rinsed it out, patched his eye up and sent him on his way. No antibotics or anything. Told him to follow up with his eye doctor. Ugh. What a waste of time. So he calls me and I find him an opening at a local office. When he gets there the lady said he better be glad he came to see her or he would have been in agony by tonight. He said she ran a ton of tests, put 7 or 8 kinds of drops in his eyes, dilated them,and then applied medicine to a contact patch thing and put it in his eye. She sent him out with a prescription as well. He has to go back tomorrow for her to check him again and remove the patch. The dilation and patch are suppose to make the eye heal faster. He doesn't have any permanent damage. The worry now is just infection.  He tried to get his prescription filled but the pharmacy said that workers comp wouldn't allow them to fill it. They only wanted him to fill the script at in-store pharmacy. Well, there is a pharmacy in his store but it is not owned by the same company. The closest place to get it filled was in another state! Yes, another state. At least a couple hours drive. He was suppose to apply the drops every 2 hours. It had been over 4 hours before the store finally got it lined out to where he could fill the script in his home store. The store manager said the store would cover it if workers comp didn't. It's a good thing too! That script was $110 for a 3 mL bottle. He is in a bit of pain, but otherwise doing ok tonight. There is always something going on around here for me to worry about. I love him too much not to worry.

It is a pretty serious situation, but it was comical to see him with one eye dilated and the other one not. This is a crappy cell phone pic and you can't really tell but the injured eye was orange on the outside from the dye at the ER and super red/irritated.

After Michael made it home I mad a run to the library, walmart, and the grocery. I had to move quick in order to be back here in 2 hours to put his drops in. He could probably have attempted to do it himself, but there is only a small amount of drops and they are holy-canoly expensive.

I did eventually get around to walking on the treadmill. I did 2 miles tonight and I kept my calories within range as well. I did cave and have 2 Diet Dr. Peppers today. I'm going to try to drop it back down to one and even better .. none!

I'm exhausted.. as usual.
Have a great nite!
Over and out!


  1. Hi Alana,
    Sorry to read about your mom. But glad shes coming home. and your hubbys thing sounds painful!
    Wowzers 32lbs! Thats the weight of my toddler! You have lost a whole toddler :D That has to feel amazing! You rock!

    1. Hey Andra! It does feel amazing! I'm so happy!!!

    2. Oh, and I hope you are having a fantastic day/night.