Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41 Diet and Exercise

Oh my goodness. I am so tired I don't even feel like writing this, but I am going to anyway. Then I am going straight to bed. Today Michael and I vacuumed out the car and cleaned all the windows on the outside. After I spring cleaned about 1/2 of my kitchen from top to bottom. Ceiling and floor included. I went up and down the step ladder so many times my legs are killing me. I have antiques and just stuff I don't want broke up on top of my cabinets and I had to climb up, take them down, clean them, then put them back up. It was a job and a half to say the least.

This afternoon we took the boys and a friend out to eat and to the recreation center. I ate salad and a bowl of pasta and veggies with italian dressing. I have no clue how to count those calories but I estimated the best way I could on  My Fitness Pal. As far as I know I am within range. While at the recreation center I was on my feet and walking around for around 4 hours. My dogs are barking. This will be the first day I haven't been on the treadmill, but I just can't. I am too tired. I'll make up for it tomorrow as we bought a monthly membership to the rec center and I will work out up there tomorrow.

I was up a lb today but AF showed up. That explains the need for sweets yesterday. Now off to bed.


  1. Hey Alana Jo! I found your blog via 3FC. Way to go with the 21lb loss, for working hard on the treadmill, and sticking to many of your choices of foods you decided not to eat. I'm inspired by your commitment.

    I have to thank you for creating your blog and updating it daily. Reading your thoughts and, especially, the details about your workouts is helping me stay motivated.

    Recently, I created a weight loss related blog. After reading yours, I realized how fearful I was to publicly share the ups and downs I went through each day. But after reading yours (I went back and read all your posts), I realized how important it is to share these things. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

    I look forward to continuing to follow you as you reach one milestone after another. :)

    1. Welcome to my little piece of the net. I'm glad you decided to stop by and I am thrilled that I can inspire someone else in this lifestyle change. I am doing my best to be open and honest. I have good days and bad days, ups and downs, but hopefully I will get to my goal weight in the end. If you will leave me the link, I'll stop by your blog too!

    2. Hey again Alana Jo!

      Thanks for replying to my comment!

      My Web site is:

      I was thinking, would you like to do an interview with me for my blog? If you check out the site, you'll see I'm getting into interviewing people who have lost 100+ pounds. But I've been thinking about also interviewing people who are, like me, in the process of doing it as well. If you wouldn't mind, could I send you five questions via e-mail? Maybe, if you're open to it, in a few months, once you've lost lots of weight, we could do a podcast talking about your experiences?

      Let me know. I've enjoyed reading your blog so much and would be honored to interview you.

    3. You are welcome to email me. I'll answer the best I can. I'll think the podcast over too.. but I'd probably be open to that.

      Thanks for asking. My email is .