Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42 Diet and Exercise

Today was a pretty good day. I avoided housework and that is always nice. Needless to say, I will have tons to do tomorrow.

Michael and I met up with my sister and her family this afternoon and went out to eat at a local Mexican restraunt. Even though I shouldn't have ate out again, I did not have any chips, salsa, or cheese dip that was served before the meal. I had Diet Coke for my drink and had chicken chimichangas with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and bit of sour cream. I believe there was some cheese on them as well. I told them not to fry mine. I just had them soft. I don't know the exact calories so I just used what was already listed on My Fitness Pal.

After dinner, we all went to the recreation center and worked out. I did a couple minutes on the ARC trainer. Only a couple minutes. It was hard as heck and killed the bottoms of my feet for some reason. My butt is aching like nobody's business. Seriously, less than 5 minutes on there and I am in agony. I tried out the spin bike and stationary bike as well but that just isn't my thing. Maybe soon. So I got on the trusty ol' treadmill and walked 3 miles. This treadmill was a lot different than mine. I liked it and didn't like it all at the same time. It really hurt my back to walk 3 miles on their treadmill because it felt like I was walking on concrete. No cushion what so ever. But the treadmills were very nice. They were super sturdy. I can totally see me being able to run on that sucker without worrying about breaking it down or the room shaking. I also liked that you could put in your weight and it uses that to calculate your calories.

My sister brought her camera to take pics of the kids playing in the jungle gym and on the rock climbing wall, but a few were snapped of the rest of us.

Of course, this is I while on the ARC. I need to try that sucker again after my butt recovers.
My BIL snapped this pic of my sister and I on the treadmills. Not a very flattering photo, but oh well. It's reality.
And last, but most certainly not least, my hottie hubby for my viewing pleasure.

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