Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 40 Diet and Exercise

Today has been so busy. Like my life normally is. My oldest son and I spent much of the day on his school work and I tried to get some housework in when he was doing any busy work. This afternoon we cleaned the interior and windows of the car. We planned to use the shop vac and vacuum it out too, but I forgot I needed a new filter for the vac.

After Michael made it home from work we got ourselves cleaned up.  We stopped by the car wash and Michael and I used the manual car wash to spiff the jeep up. We got the kids some grub at a local family owned drive-in, went to Walmart for a few groceries, and then Michael and I got a sandwich at Subway as we were starving. That means I ate out two days in a row. I was so upset about that, but I had went too long without eating and I felt as if I may get sick. I have got to start eating something that will actually hold me over when we go out. I didn't make bad choices at Subway, but I still don't want to fall into that habit of eating out again.

I can put a stop to anything that I need to put a stop to. I was totally addicted to Diet Coke before the first of January and now I may have one every other day.  I was having an issue with sherbet. I put a stop to that. Michael finished off that small bowl... thank you very much. I was having cool whip and a low fat graham cracker with my yogurt for a couple days and I knew that was just wasted calories. I put a stop to that. I seriously L.O.V.E buffalo Doritos and I haven't had  a single chip in 40 days. Yes 40 day. I can put a stop to the eating out. I just have to want to. I have the will power. I know how this story ends. I will not let myself fall back into bad habits. If we are busy and I know I'm going to be away from home at a meal time I will try to eat before I go.

If I am starving... I will eat out, but I will make the best choice I possibly can. This is MY life. I have the power within me to make good choices. I just have to do it!  I had a few sun chips at Subway today. Michael ate the most of the bag, but I did have a few. That WILL NOT happen again. I will not buy the chips. Will not. That is a slippery slope and I'm not having it.

My stomach has been a royal mess this evening. I don't know if Subway food poisoned me or what but I have not been well. It isn't to the extreme of a stomach virus, but it is enough to make me feel awful. My stomach is rolling and rolling. Ugh. If I am going to get sick, I just wish it would happen so it would be over and done with. I hate feeling this way.

Although I feel horrid, I got on that treadmill. I promised myself on January 1st that I would get on there every single day. I may not be able to do but a quarter of a mile, but I will get on there and try. That is what I did. I managed to get a mile in. I couldn't go any more than that.

Tomorrow will be better. Nite.

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