Monday, February 6, 2012

The Biggest Loser DSi Game

So yesterday while we were out and about we stopped by Kmart as they are going out of business and had everything on sale for up to 30% off. Needless to say it was a pretty worthless trip. The prices there are so high that even with the 30% there wasn't anything I really wanted.

As we were looking through the electronics department I saw they had The Biggest Loser for DSi on sale for $7.99 so I picked it up and was looking at it. Michael says, go ahead and buy it. It is only $0.99. I was like what? He points to one on the shelf that was marked $0.99. Obviously someone messed up on the pricing, but still I figured I'd see what it rang up for. Anything to do with The Biggest Loser should be great, right?

We get to the check out and it rings up $7.99. I tell the cashier it says $0.99 on the package. She could tell that it hadn't been messed with and the price was just on there wrong so she calls up a manager and they give me the game for $0.99 from an original price of $19.99. I was stoked.

As soon as we got home last night I popped that sucker in my sons DSi and got to it. What a waste of $1. If I had actually paid $20 for that sucker I would have been very upset. I'm disappointed. It is mainly a calorie counter and since I am already using My Fitness Pal that is a waste. I have browsed the exercise part and I'm not impressed there either. Don't waste your money.

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