Monday, January 2, 2012

Day TWO Food and Exercise

January 2, 2012. Day TWO. I survived, but today has been HARD. It snowed and I couldn't get out to the store as we live in the boonies. As a result, my food choices aren't top notch. I have done good when it comes to avoiding junk food though. I haven't had any chips, cookies, chex mix, or anything like that. I'm pretty proud of that. I tend to want to graze. I don't really understand why, unless it is just habit of hand to mouth, hand to mouth, hand to mouth.

I did walk on the treadmill. I really didn't want to do it, even though I feel better after I do. I guess it is just pure laziness. I've heard that if you do something for 21 days straight it becomes habit. I'm going for a good habit. I walked for 27 minutes at 2.7 mph. That was exactly 1 1/4 miles. That is better than yesterday's mile. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the will power to push on to a mile and a half. I know that I can, because I really wasn't exhausted. To think that I was even sweating after walking 27 minutes on a zero incline, is embarrassing. A few years back I could run for that amount of time. I'd probably collapse if I tried to run right now.

One thing I noticed today... I have been eating bits and pieces off of my children's plates just because I would feel guilty if I threw it out. I have decided to give them smaller portions. If they eat that, they can come back for more. That way they don't have all that extra food left on their plate.

I haven't had as much water as I would like today, but I still have a couple hours before bedtime. Maybe I will get that in.

Here is to a happy and healthy ME!

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