Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day ONE Food and Exercise

Today, January 1, 2012, is day ONE of my new lifestyle. Of course, it just HAD to be my hardest day of the week, Sunday! Sunday's are family dinner day. Our entire family gathers at Mom and Dad's to eat dinner. Its usually not healthy either. Lots of good, ol' fashion, country cooking.

Mom hadn't went to church this morning so when we got to her house, she had all the food ready. She had fixed enough for an army. Potatoes cooked on ham, mustard greens, green beans, turkey casserole, rolls, fried apples, fried cabbage, macaroni with tomato sauce, and cornbread. it was so hard not to eat that whole pressure cooker filled with potatoes and several rolls. I did eat a few potatoes, but much less than I normally would have. I didn't eat a roll and that alone is a miracle. I ate some green beans, a slice of ham, and a little casserole. I left the table still feeling kinda hungry.

I've drank a couple Diet Coke's today but I'm happy with that because normally I have one with me at all times to sip on. I've caught myself reaching for chocolate a few times today without even thinking about it. But the key thing is that I caught myself and I didn't eat it. I've had four glasses of water today. Two had the sugar-free flavoring in them. I can't hardly make myself drink plain water. I hope that becomes easier. I feel like I've been in the bathroom a million times.

As far as exercise goes, I've done the everyday things... cleaning up the kitchen at Moms, cleaning a little here in my house, walking around outside when I went to feed my pups and chickens. I knew I needed more of a deliberate exercise. I hopped on the treadmill and walked one mile in 22 minutes at 2.7 mph. I know that isn't anything to brag about, but it doesn't matter if you are slow as long as you go. Right?

I didn't eat breakfast this morning and that is something I really need to work on. I struggle finding something I like to eat at breakfast that is fattening, let alone, low in calories/fat. What is your favorite low calorie/fat breakfast? It has to be easy and have only simple ingredients.

I still need to find something to eat tonight for dinner. I really need to go the grocery store for some healthy foods. Maybe tomorrow.

Overall day one wasn't perfect, but I'd still call it a success.


  1. Instant oatmeal is excellent for breakfast. It's very good for you also! And it holds in your stomach longer than other food. Also egg beaters carries an all egg white mix that is excellent scrambled. :) Found your blog today from 3fcoad! I will be following your journey!

    1. Welcome! I'm thrilled to have you following!