Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Twenty-Nine Diet and Exercise

Yesterday was horrible. I weighed in and the scales say I only lost one measly pound all week. I tracked my calories all week and also walked 16.5 miles! How did I only lose one pound? Very frustrating.

It was Sunday of course and I went to Moms and ate dinner. Southern Country Comfort Food. That's probably enough said about that. I tried to limit what I ate and I did track it on My Fitness Pal, but I'm not sure the total for the calories was right. I even broke down and had about a cup of peach cobbler. It was good but not worth the guilt.

After I came home from Moms I had a busting headache. I laid on the couch and tried to catch a cat nap but the kids decided it was a perfect day for total meltdowns. Needless to say the nap didn't happen.

I felt horrible and I thought my head would explode everytime I stood up. I really did not want to get on that treadmill. But I promised myself I would try. I managed to walk a mile. I had to really push myself  to get that done.

My treadmill has lost its mind. It feels like the belt is slipping or something. I hope it isn't tearing up as we dont have $1000 to invest in another one. Just my luck.

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