Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight Diet and Exercise

Today has been exhausting. Michael was off so we worked here in the house getting everything clean. Then we had to head out and feed the animals. It was super cold today so I nearly froze before we got everything done. After we came in and got cleaned up, we went to visit my Mom for a while. She wasn't feeling well, but at least she isn't smothering right now. Once we came home, I had to cook and do dishes again. After I ate supper I decided I better get on the treadmill if I wanted to get my time in as Michael had to get in bed early tonight. I managed to walk 3.25 miles. I was going for 4 miles but my right foot started to hurt pretty bad. So I decided to bow out. I showered and here I sit.

I've been hungrier than normal the last few days. My calorie goal is about 1600-1700 a day. I've been getting 1200-1300 with a few 1500 thrown in there. But the last few days I've wanted to eat and eat. Like right now I'd kill for a bag of Buffalo Doritos. I won't have them of course as I don't have crap in the house, but I could seriously swim in them. I'd think as addicted to Diet Coke as I have been in the past that it would be the Diet Coke calling my name or even pizza, but it isn't. Its those Doritos. 

My quads are killing me tonight right along with my foot. I don't think the quads are from the treadmill as I have been on there for almost a month now. I think it is from going up and down the hill to the puppies the last two days. I know it is a good thing though. Maybe someday I'll be able to run up and down that hill without getting sore.

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in. We shall see how it goes.

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