Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Twenty-Four Diet and Exercise

Sorry I didn't write last night. I don't have an excuse, just got busy and forgot. I ate a few more calories than I have been eating, but I was still within my goal. I drank my water, but drank some diet pop as well.

When I got on the treadmill I honestly didn't think I would make it a mile. I just wasn't feeling it, but I turned The Biggest Loser on via Netflix and before I knew it I had three full miles in. Yay!

Those peanut butter cups were still torturing me. I told Michael not to bring any more of them home. Bring the boys some other kind of snack if he thinks they have to have it. Every single time I walked by, I wanted to reach down and grab one. I finally ended up putting them in the cabinet, but I knew they were up there so that didn't really help. I munched on some carrots instead.

I know I can do this.

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