Friday, January 13, 2012

Day THIRTEEN Diet and Exercise

Why is it that during the day I can think of a million things to write, but when I sit down here I go completely blank? Such is life.

Today has been pretty good. My husband had the day off so he and the boys pigged out all day. DH made sausage, gravy, and biscuits for breakfast this morning. Talk about torture. I didn't have any, as much as I wanted to. Food has been pretty good for me today. I have ate, but nothing that I shouldn't. I've drank plenty of water, but once again drank a couple sips of a Diet Coke. But I didn't have even half a can.

Ive been watching The Biggest Loser on Netflix as I walk on the treadmill and I was able to get in 2 full miles on inclines of 2-3 at 2.7 mph. I would like to get 2.5 miles in tomorrow but I we will just have to see how it goes.

I tried to push it on up to a faster pace but if I did that I felt the need to lower the incline. I just kept telling myself "You don't have to go fast, you just have to go. You just have to go."

The scales will eventually show all the hard work I have put in. It took more than a few weeks to put the weight on, it will take more than a few weeks to take it off. I have to keep going. Because if I continue my life being a slug, my body will always be a blob. The only way to change my body is to get up and move!

I have promised myself that I will not allow myself to live the rest of my life in this body. It really isn't about the number to me. It is about being healthy. I don't want to end up with diabetes like every person in my dads family.

I'm just gonna keep on keeping on and see what happens. Wish me luck!

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