Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day SEVEN Diet and Exercise

I have made it seven, yes SEVEN, days with no junk food, very little Diet Coke, lots of water {and trips to the potty}, and even managed to get my lazy butt up on that treadmill every single day! I am beyond proud. I just hope that the scale shows my efforts tomorrow.

Tonight when I dragged myself onto the treadmill I decided I was too lazy to do 2 miles at 2.7 mph on a flat incline because that would take to long. Yes, I told you... I have issues. So I decided I'd bump up the incline to 2 and the speed up to 3.0 so that I could get my calories burning and accomplish my mile quicker. Boy was that a crazy idea. My legs were begging me to go back and try the 2.7 mph on flat, but I didn't. By trying to be crafty and lazy, I managed to work harder than I would have the other way. I had sweat dripping from places I didn't know I could sweat. That'll show me to be lazy.

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