Monday, January 9, 2012

Day EIGHT Diet and Exercise

Sorry I didn't get to check in last night. I was trying to write a paper and the kids were bouncing off the walls. Yesterday was Sunday and as I've said before that is NOT a good day for me because we go to Moms and she always has piles of down home country food which generally means it is fried. I did pretty well, but I couldn't resist a few of the fried potatoes. I didn't go insane, just maybe 1/2 a cup full. I could have easily eaten the whole skillet. Fried potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I did manage to get my water in as well as my time on the treadmill. I did 1 mile. I walked 1/2 of the mile on an incline of 2 and speed of 2.7. Then I did the other 1/2 without any incline at 3 mph.


  1. Great job! There are worse foods out there than fried potatoes so keep your head up. Its good to have a little bit every now and then. :)