Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm around.

I know I've said that a lot lately, but life has just been busy. I'm failing miserably at my diet and exercise. But I haven't gave up. Just been so busy. I'll try to update tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Hi, Jo,
    I failed a million times before I finally got to the point where I am today. So, I know exactly how hard it can be. But be careful, your life will continue to be busy. How can you find a way to make it work so you take care of your health and fitness even with all the other balls you are juggling? You can do this! michele

  2. Hey!

    OMG! I really miss your blog posts. Seriously. Even if you're not having the greatest days re: food and exercise, I wish you would still blog about it so we can see the process of you navigating through all of it and how you, eventually, get back on track. Selfishly speaking, I'd learn just as much from reading your thoughts about trying to juggle it all as I have from reading about your successes.

    Either way, I hope you, and your family are having an awesome summer! I also hope your mom is doing ok too. :)

  3. I know it's hard. I just hope that you're getting some time to focus on yourself. It would be a shame to lose ground on all the progress that you've made so far. It's tough to juggle it all - I know!

  4. omg... I get this post. so much. Get use your update, let us know what's going on. I'm in the same boat in too many ways. :) Let's get back on the bloggin' wagon together.