Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 148 and 149

Sunday, Day 148, we went to Mom and Dad's early in the day to shower since our water was on the fritz. I did a load of laundry while we ate dinner with the family. We didn't stay too long, because honestly I was in a bad mood. I still felt crappy and everyone and everything was rubbing me the wrong way.

Since we left early, we went to Goodwill and looked around. I love Goodwill. The boys found a couple Star Wars Halloween costumes they didn't already have. They wear them all year round for 'dress up' when they play the games, watch the movies, or even play with the figures. They are huge Star War fans.

After, we went by Michael's parents house. We don't get to see them as often because they live an hour away. We stayed pretty much the whole evening. It was good to see them.

Monday, Day 149, Today, however you want to say it... has been a long one. I did some cleaning here in the house, swept and mopped, and baby sat my 1 year old great-niece, Alissa. She is so adorable and a perfect angel. She didn't cry, never messed with anything, and even took a 3 hour nap. You couldn't ask for a sweeter child. It must have been as fun for her to be here as it was for us to have her here. She didn't want to leave. It has been a long time since we had a little one running around. I miss it.

Our water is finally back to normal and I was actually able to shower at home. Yay. I'll be able to do laundry in the morning.

I set out today to get myself back on track with my food intake. I counted every single calorie on my fitness pal. I still didn't get to do cardio/treadmill becaus I'm still hacking and coughing a lot. I did do some upper body strength training. I'm also trying to catch up on here. That is a step in the right direction, isn't it?


  1. It's totally a step in the right direction. Eating the right types of food will also help ease your coughing symptoms. Hope you feel better soon *hugs*