Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 126

I got up and hopped on the scale. Yikes! I'm up 5 lbs since yesterday. I know it is mainly due to AF. I'm bloated like a balloon! But, I didn't eat great yesterday either and no real exercise. Still though, there is no way on earth I ate enough food to gain 5 lbs over night!

Today was CRAZY! I did prom pics for my nephew and his girlfriend, 1st bday pics for my great niece, and spent the rest of the evening at the campground with the family.

Once again I ate too much. Ugh!

I've had cramps from hell!!!

Michael and I did walk up a huge hill at the campground and around the whole area. I'd say we got in a good mile today. At least I attempted to move, right?

Please tell me tomorrow I will be back to my normal sane self.


  1. I have insane cravings leading up to my TOM and for the first 2-3 days. I hate it. I find it so difficult to control! As the week passes, however, the water weight does come off. Glad you could go for a walk. Hopefully your eating pattern will fall into place from tomorrow :)

  2. 5 lb gain is definitely not permanent! I hope you feel better today and get to enjoy sunday :)