Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 122

Hey, all! Sorry I've left you hanging for the last two days with very short and sweet posts. Let's see if I can catch you up.

Day 120 was Sunday. Michael had to work, the boys and I slept til about 11 am and then went down to Mom and Dad's house for our family dinner.  Most of the family showed up and I ate too much. Mom had made meatloaf and the fixing's. As I've said before... Mom's meatloaf is fantastic. I couldn't pass it up.

I baked Mom a banana coconut upside down cake Saturday night. Her birthday is tomorrow, and since I couldn't spend the day with her tomorrow, I took the cake to her early. I did have a taste of the cake, and man it was yummy. Mom said she liked it, but I know Dad did. He ate 4 pieces. Seriously, 4 pieces! Even though he is as thin as a rail and normally it wouldn't have hurt him to splurge like that, he is a diabetic. I walked by him a couple times about 45 minutes apart and both times he had piece of cake in his plate. I asked him if he was still eating on that same piece of cake. I was thinking... goodness, he is slow. He just laughed and said nope, I'm shooting my sugar through the roof. I kinda felt guilty that I didn't make him some sort of sugar free dessert, but he doesn't splurge often, so I guess it is OK. I didn't expect him to like it that much.

After Michael made it home; he, the boys, and I decided to ride the 4-wheeler and motorcycles out around our driveway and into the mountains where a strip mining company is rebuilding. The company had destroyed the road a few years back when they were mining and we had no access to a family cemetery. After petitioning several different people, they finally agreed to fix it. The road was there before they destroyed it. They should have to fix it. You can't leave people unable to reach their families graves. Anyway, It had rained a couple days before and there road was solid mud. It was knee-deep and sticky. Bailey got his motorcycle stuck half a dozen times. His motorcycle kept sinking up past it's tires. It just a small one, a 90. Needless to say, we didn't go far. Michael drove Bai's motorcycle back out of the mud while Bai attempted to walk his way out. He lost his boot about 10x. It was so comical.

Once we were back on gravel, we rode down to Mom and Dad's house to use Dad's pressure washer. There was no way our regular garden hose would spray the mud off our rides. We ended up staying there nearly until bedtime.

I didn't even attempt to exercise. Call me lazy. I totally was.

Yesterday was day 121. Dalton was suppose to have a field trip and Michael had requested the day off weeks ago so we could go along. But the trip had to be rescheduled to today.

We got up early, around 6:45 am, got Dalton off to school, and Bai started on his work. Michael and I cleaned here around the house all day while Bai was doing busy work. We picked Dalton up from school around 3pm and went to the library, to Wal-mart and then to Moms.

Dalton asked if he skipped the field trip would we buy him a new video game. We were totally up for that. For one thing, he'd been driving us nuts over the game for weeks. It also saved me from having to drive all that way on my own. They had planned to go to a local State Park and it is on top of one of the highest mountains in Kentucky. Which we have been to a million times. I hate driving off of there. Even if I put the vehicle in neutral on the way down, my brakes always get hot. So, I was really dreading the idea of going alone anyway. Bailey didn't want to go with us to pick up the game, so he stayed at Moms. We called every store in the closest two towns and not a single place had the game. After searching everywhere, we finally found it at a Game Stop in Virginia. We loaded up and drove all the way over there to get it. So we really didn't save any gas money by not going on the trip. But I did save my sanity. Dalton and Bai stayed up all night playing that game. It's totally been worth the money.

It was around 9pm when we made it home. After showering, I was so exhausted. I really didn't feel like getting on the treadmill. I know I had walked at least a mile yesterday, so I took that as an excuse not to do it.  Food was fair I guess. I didn't go over on my calories, but I maxed out. That's for sure. I didn't make very good choices either. I had waited too long between meals and just shoved whatever I could find in my mouth. But, I did keep track of it. I owned up to it. Be accountable, right? 

Today, Day 122... Since Dalton skipped out on his field trip, I let Bai have the day off as well. We've got all summer to make it up. Dalton only has 3 more days of school left. Bailey has 9 that he needs to get done. We slept til 11 am and it felt wonderful to sleep that late in the middle of the week. I'm not a morning person at all. I am so excited to have a long summer vacation this year. Thank God for the mild winter. The boys probably didn't sleep 5 or 6 hours as they stayed up playing video games. But, I made them get out of bed anyway. We cant get totally off track. We still have a few days of school left. So, we need to be in bed on time tonight.

I had a ton of dishes left from yesterday to wash plus the ones from breakfast. After I finished washing those, I cleaned out the fridge, and had another sink full to wash. I texted Michael and told him I felt like I had washed every dish we own today. I tackled a mountain of laundry as well. How does everything get dirty at once? That is what I'd like to know.

The boys played video games almost all day. I'm going to hide the remotes this summer. We so are not spending the summer inside playing video games. Hikes, biking, swimming, relay races, tag, and long walks is more like it. 

I did manage to get on the treadmill tonight. I walked 2 miles. I could have pushed further. I was sweating, but I didn't really exert myself. That is what I need more of, exertion. Speaking of, I though my heart was going to blow out of my chest when I had to go to the bottom of the mountain and untangle Duke's run. Well the going down part wasn't so bad. The coming up was crazy. When I got to the top, my heart was  beating out of my chest. I thought.. this is what I need to do more of.

Food has been so-so today. I'm in my calorie range, but I ate up my exercise calories. I've been so hungry. I think mainly because I didn't have a lot of veggies today and what I ate was loaded with calories. I like a stomach full of veggies. Very few calories and I can go back for more if I am still hungry. I have got to get out to the store tomorrow.

OK, I guess that about catches things up. I'm going to shower and then lay down and read. I'm obsessed with the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick right now. I didn't think I'd like it, because it is in the juvenile section, but boy was I wrong. The librarian was spot on when she pointed me to it. I asked for suggestions because I've read everything.

Seriously, I gotta go. 6 am comes early. OK, well it comes at 6 am... but it feels earlier than that cause I know I wont be asleep til late. Hope everyone has a great nite!


  1. It seems like you have a lot of regular activity worked into your day, which is a good thing. Hope tomorrow is more restful for you and you're able to get back on that treadmill :)

    1. Thank you. Yeah, my days have never been calm and lazy. I got fat by over eating and eating food that was high in calories. No matter how active I was, I couldn't have burned off the amount I was taking it.