Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 95

Today went pretty smoothly. I got on the scale this morning to see a fantastic drop. 2 lbs! I about fell over. Woo. I'm trying not to get too excited. I just hope it sticks and wasn't some sort of fluke or something.

My food has been pretty good today. I kept my calories within range and drank all my water and then some. I did have a Diet Coke though. I thought for sure I was going to make it 3 days without one, until DH came home with one. So I caved. I'm a sucker. Sue me.

My hip wasn't hurting as bad this evening and I am very thankful for that. Michael and I took the boys down to a local church parking lot to let them ride their motorcycles or bikes. We took both because if someone was there already walking we wouldn't let them get out the motorcycles. No one was there so we let them ride. Michael hopped on Bai's bike while I did laps. I believe I was on my 5th lap when the handlebar slipped on the bike and Michael flipped over it onto the concrete. Scared me to death. Thank God he was on a bike and not the motorcycle. Needless to say he is a big boy and I shouldn't get so upset if he gets a small scrape, but him just having a scraped knee made me want to cry. I was telling his Dad about it and he said "Jo, honey, he ran head first into a set of steel gas pumps on a moped once. He is fine." You'd think Michael was my child the way I react, but I just love him so much, I can't stand the thought of him being in any pain what-so-ever. Of course here I was in tears and he jumps up, pops the handle bar back in place, and is rip-raring and ready to go.  I am such an emotional being.

It would have been the perfect afternoon to get all my miles in at the church. It was cool, windy, but the sun was out. I just passed the one mile mark when clouds blew in out of no where and we were stuck in something like a monsoon. By the time we got everything loaded into the truck, Michael and I were soaked from head to toe.

After a quick change I hopped on the treadmill to finish up my walking. I really was looking forward to walking somewhere else. Being trapped in these 4 walls gets really monotonous. I decided to see what I could find on Netflix. I ended up watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". If you haven't seen it, it is worth watching. I don't think I could take it to the extreme that he did. Maybe a few days. But I do think I need to get in less processed food and more fruit/veggies. I ended up getting in 3 more miles. So 4 miles total for me today.

While I was walking, Michael went to feed the dogs down under the hill. Like I said, it had just came a monsoon. He ended up slipping and sliding half the way down on his rear-end. It just isn't his day.  Poor fella. Usually I'm the one falling.

Overall, it has been a pretty decent day. I'm pretty tired, so I think I will hit the hay. Nite. x


  1. What a day!!

    I'm sure seeing a fall like that was super scary!! I'm glad everything turned out okay.

    Congrats on your loss!! And double kudos for finishing your walk on the treadmill when you got home.