Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 94

Yesterday was a good day. I kept my calories in check, drank my water, didn't drink any Diet Coke, and walked a mile on the treadmill. I know a mile isn't really up to what I've been walking in the past, but my hip has really been hurting the last few days. I think it is due to me always sleeping on the same side. I tried to sleep on the other last night and managed to go to sleep eventually, but it took forever. I can't sleep on my back. Its not that I smother or anything.. that hasn't been an issue since I lost the first few lbs... I just have never been a back sleeper even when I was thin.

The scales were nice yesterday. The day before I was up a little over a lb from my wild weekend. But I was right back to normal yesterday morning. I am very thankful for that. In the past, if I slipped up it took me a very long time to get back on track, if I ever did. Hopefully I seen an even better number today.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Great job! Hope the hip starts to get better. Maybe stretching it during the day might help?

    1. Thanks! It hasn't been as painful today. Thank God!