Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 92

*waves* Hey everyone.. I'm sorry that I have been MIA. It has been such a busy few days.

Friday (Day 90) Michael, the boys, and I were on the road all day hunting supplies for bunnies. My boys participate in the local 4-H livestock program and decided this year they would like to show bunnies. Given that we have never raised rabbits before, we had to buy everything for two! We were at Walmart, Lowes, and Tractor Supply trying to round up everything. We ended up spending a ton of money, but managed to get it all. Once we made it home, it was time to start putting hutches together and building a travel cage to transport the bunnies. By the time we finished, it was 10 pm and we had to go to bed. We had to be up and ready to leave by 2:45 am!! Of course, I can never sleep when I have to be up that early. My mind runs in a million circles trying to make sure I have packed everything the kids will need, etc. I know it was after 12 before I even dozed off !

Food on Friday wasn't horrible. I did end up eating out while we were on the go. I had 2 soft tacos from Taco Bell. But, considering how much walking I did and the amount of sweat I lost while putting together the cages and carrier, I'm sure it was fine. I barely found time to eat anything else the rest of the day. I did get my water in, though.

Saturday (Day 91) We were up and out the door by 3:15 am heading for the local extension office. Our 4-H group pulled out heading across the state to the rabbit show by 4 am. It took us about 5 hours in the vans to make it to the show. We stopped along the way 2x at gas stations. That is where we had breakfast. I had a sausage and egg biscuit because the choices were very limited. I had packed lunch and snacks but didn't have time to eat breakfast at home as I had planned to. Once we arrived at the show things were crazy all day long. We didn't eat again til about 2 pm during the "lunch" intermission. They had a snack bar, but who wants to eat food that is cooked in a building where there are at least 1500 rabbits? We ended up eating the stuff I had packed. The boys and Michael had PB&Js and a truck load of snack stuff. I had a banana, an apple, a can of beenie weenies, and a few chex mix. Real healthy, huh? But everything we brought had to be stuff that wouldn't ruin in the heat as there was no room for coolers on the vans with all of us and the rabbits. We left the fair grounds around 5 pm. Guess where they decided to stop for dinner? Long John Silvers! I kid you not! I could have had a baked  fish meal.. but honestly I was so hungry I didn't even think about calories. I had the 2 piece fish meal. We made it back to the house around 10 pm. By the time we got showers it was almost midnight and I was so exhausted. A busy day like that on a little over 2 hours of sleep about killed me. When I laid down, I think I went into a coma.

Sunday (Day 92) I slept like a log until around 10 am. I woke up feeling refreshed, but I had so much to do in this house before noon... I didn't find time to eat... again. We had to leave and go to my nieces BBQ she was having for the family. Bad eating again! She had all the fattening foods you would expect and I ate a little of it all. I'm not proud to say that, but it happened and I'll not hide it. We spent most of the evening at her house with the family. I guess it was around 7 pm before we made it back home. Michael and I worked on the rabbit carrier some more and then it was time for showers and bed.

Even though I ate a lot that I shouldn't have over the past few days, I was super busy and moved a lot too. So maybe when I step on the scales this morning.. it won't be too bad. Wish me luck!

 Above is Bailey and his broken blue mini-rex buck named Jabba. Below is Dalton and his broken black mini-rex buck named Jango. Both photos were taken outside the fairgrounds as we were preparing for the show along with the rest of our large group.


  1. Wow, sounds like a busy weekend for you! I hope the boys enjoy their bunnies. :)

    1. It was busy. Insanely so. They already love the bunnies!