Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109

The scales moved this morning and I am officially down 42 lbs! Yay! I may FINALLY be getting back on track. Thank you, God!

It has been a struggle today not to eat any junk food, but I've managed to make it through the day without shoving useless calories in my mouth. My boys have about done me in though. One had a bag of Snyder Buttermilk Ranch Pretzel Bits and OMG.. they were so tempting. I could smell them across the room. But 1/3 of a cup has 140 calories and 6g of fat. I couldn't stop at 1/3 of a cup. So I had to stay far far away. The other ate a Molasses cookie for snack and that was hard to pass up as well. Anything that even resembles gingerbread needs to stay out of this house. My list of can't haves is getting longer. Buffalo Doritos, Sherbet, Nutella, Pretzel Bits, and anything close to gingerbread.

Trying to resist temptation, I had a bowl of Oatmeal with Raisins, Dates & Walnuts, to kick the sweet cravings to the curb. It didn't really do the trick though. I purchased the generic version and it tasted like crap. Go with Quaker or homemade. Trust me.

Diet Coke wasn't even a thought today as I didn't have it in the house. So that is a victory!

I did the normal homeschooling/house-cleaning bit today. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I thrive on routine.

When Michael got home he asked if I wanted to do a few minutes of a P90X Plyometrics video he borrowed from a friend who was no longer using it. I figured what the heck. I was expecting it to be hard because Michael is in great shape and was only able to do 15 minutes the first time. I figured if I could keep up with him, I'd be doing good. Surprisingly I did as well if not better than he did this time. We made it 21 minutes. I'm a little stiff tonight in my groin area, but nothing unbearable. Ill update on that condition tomorrow.

I couldn't skip my treadmill time, so I did get on there after the video. I walked a mile. I didn't want to push too hard in case I can't walk tomorrow from doing something new.

Then I figured what the heck, go for needing Michael to wheel me around in a wheelbarrow. I did some upper body strength training with the Tone Up Your Arms for Summer video I posted the other day. I couldn't find my barbells, so I had to use 2.5 lb round weights that Michael had with his set. You could feel the burn, that's for sure. I really need to work on my upper body strength. I have none. I couldn't do a push up or pull up to save my life. 

Overall, it's been a good day. Tomorrow I have a lot of errands to run so I am sure it won't go as smoothly as today. I'm going to give it my best though.

Have a good nite everyone!


  1. Awesome work on the exercise front and for resisting temptation! If you can do it one day, you have the strength to do it again ... Keep it up :)

    1. Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot!

  2. Woohoo!! Congrats on the loss. That is awesome. Good for you!!!

    Yup, I am finding the further I go down this road of weight loss, the longer my restrictive list is getting. It stinks sometimes, but I am learning to really enjoy other healthier foods in it's place. I think it's awesome that you made some oatmeal with dates and things to satisfy your craving. It's unfortunate it didn't turn out so great, but it is huge that you did that!!

    p90 is no joke so good for yoU!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it you are right, it is no joke. My thigh is still sore. LOL.

  3. Way to go on the weight lost . . . Woooo-Hooooo:D I am so happy for you!

  4. my list of specific foods is long too... So I've just shortened it to nothing with gluten, artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. It's suiting me well... and there are so many great tasting foods without the garbage in it.

    I'm glad you're seeing some scale results. :)

    1. WTG! I don't think I'd even know where to start in order to limit all that from my diet, but I am sure I'd feel better and of course be healthier. Keep up the good work. Oh, and feel free to gimme some tips.

      Have a great day!