Friday, February 3, 2012

Day Thirty-Three Diet and Exercise

Yesterday went pretty good. I saw a small drop on the scale and that made me even more motivated. I kept my calories in check, drank all my water, and walked 2 full miles on the treadmill. It wasn't as hard to get motivated and stay motivated has it has been the last few days. I walked 1.5 of the miles at 2.7 mph and the last .5 mile at 3 mph. None of it was on an incline though. I guess it really doesn't matter exactly how I move as long as I move, because before the first of January I was barely moving at all. That makes me very proud of all the dedication it has taken to get on that treadmill for 33 days straight.

There were no pork skins in the house, so I definitely avoided those. However DH brought the boys chips home for snack and oh my goodness.. it was hard not to eat those. Chips are my weakness. I wouldn't have been so bad if he brought a kind I didn't like but he brought the ruffled sour cream and cheddar ones. I could eat a whole bag. Seriously. However I am thankful that I was able to avoid eating them. If he had brought home the buffalo flavored Doritos.. yeah this would be a whole different paragraph. I just don't know if I could have held out.

The sherbet is still in there in the fridge. Apparently I am the only one in the house that finds that stuff so tempting. We have been making great strides on limiting the junk food we have in this house. So I don't feel resentful that Michael brings the boys snacks. We have went from having a drawer full of little Debbie cakes, fridge full of ice cream, and cabinets loaded with chips at all times to a few small snacks a week. I think that is fantastic. I can't expect DH or the kids not to have any snacks. They are not the ones who are obese. I am. I don't want the kids eating it all the time though as I don't want them to have to fight this battle. But every once in a while won't hurt. Anyway.. to the point, I didn't eat any sherbet yesterday even though it entered my mind several times. That is a non-scale victory for sure.

I drug a pair of non-stretch size 24 jeans out of the closet and tried them on. Before January 1, I couldn't even get them around my stomach. I had a huge gap between the sides of the pants. Yesterday, I got them buttoned. Needless to say they were snug and I wouldn't even attempt to wear them like that.. but they buttoned. So I am making progress and that makes me very happy.

I have a full length mirror beside my bed and of the mornings when I get my son up I use to hate to look in that mirror. I looked like a big apple sitting there. I have nice legs and arms, but I am round in the middle. My legs would have to be spread apart so my lower belly could fit in between them. That is sad. Pathetic. I hate that more than anything in this world. This morning, as I was getting my son ready for school, I looked in the mirror and I don't look as round. I still have a million miles to go but I can see a small difference in myself. There are no words to explain how wonderful that makes me feel.

It is the small things! I can do this.

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