Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 49 Diet and Exercise

The scale was fantastic this morning. I was down 25 lbs to the ounce! I was so happy. I've worked so hard for those 25 lbs!! I'm hoping for an even 30 before my birthday in March. I won't give up if I don't make it.. but I would be thrilled if I did.

Food has been fair today. I didn't break down and eat any chips, pizza, fries, burgers, donuts or anything like that. Even if I could have made better choices, I could have made worse ones as well. I'm happy with how I did today. I got my eight glasses of water in today, but not a single oz more. Much better than yesterday.

It was suppose to snow this afternoon, so we didn't go to the rec center. No snow as of yet. But, the weatherman is now saying it will start in the morning around 7 am. They are giving anywhere from 6-14 inches depending on elevation. I expect us to be in the higher range. I dread it. It is suppose to be a really wet and heavy snow. I hope and pray it doesn't cause trees to fall on the power lines. I hate being without electricity as we have to go to Moms and stay. She has a wood stove on her patio to keep us toasty. I don't hate going to Moms. I just get aggravated because it is harder to deal with my kids there as my nephews live next door and  want to play with the boys.  Anytime that you get all four of them together it is bedlam. The temperature is suppose to be warmer tomorrow so maybe if it does snow that much some of it will melt off.

I walked two miles on the treadmill this afternoon. Michael looks at me and says "Really, Jo? Really?" After I'd been on the treadmill a good 15 minutes. It took him that long to notice I was walking and reading a book at the same time. He thinks I am such a geek (in the fondest meaning of the word).

I don't expect to see a drastic change on the scale tomorrow. I just hope not to see a gain. We shall see I suppose.

I'm off to read a little before I hit the hay. It shouldn't take me long to fall asleep as I've been so draggy all day. Nite all!

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