Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day Eleven Diet and Exercise

Today has been a long dreary day. I woke up with chest congestion and a stuffy nose, it has rained most of the day, my bones in my legs have ached so bad, and last but certainly not least that my special monthly visitor showed up. All this and I had to go grocery shopping. I surely thought I'd never make it. But I did. I even managed to walk a mile on the treadmill at 2.7 mph after I got home.

Food has been good, water has been good, and exercise went smoothly. My only downfall today has been Diet Coke. Evil stuff. I had a couple sips of DHs. I resisted garlic bread, chicken nuggets, and chocolate cake. Why not Diet Coke? Gah.. it is aggravating, but I am glad that I didn't drink the whole thing.

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