Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ready To Go

I cleaned all the stuff off the treadmill today and Michael moved it around to where I can use it. I will walk a little everyday, but I'm not going to push myself too hard on the mileage. My hip has finally healed up and I don't want to destroy it again. Slowly but surely, I will drop this weight. I'd rather get out and hike here in the mountains, but I will use the treadmill if I have to. I'm also going to drag out my The Biggest Loser DVDs tomorrow. I'll have to build up to those, but I do plan to use them again soon.


  1. Alana Jo! I was so surprised to see your comments at my blog and so happy to know you're back! I've checked a few times to see how you were doing and had hoped you'd post an update.

    I like the "take it slow and steady" approach. I know you're going to be back on the treadmill doing C25K in no time.

    How is your family? How's your mom doing?

    Please post more often!

    1. We are all doing good. Trying to enjoy the summer, be healthier, and move more.

      Mom had her kidney transplant back in November and the kidney is working great. She has had a cold which is risky where she has no immune system, but is doing better. Thank you for asking.

      How have you been? Great I hope. I've been meaning to post every day, but my internet has been out for a solid week after we had a big storm. I'm back now though and down several pounds. Yay!