Monday, August 13, 2012


I am so exhausted. My life is so insane. I really am trying to do too many things at one time and it shows. I'm completely off track. I can tell I've gained a little weight too. Gah! My jeans are getting snug.

Mom got a chance at another kidney. It didn't work out either. This was the 4th try. She is at the top of the list now though, so it is a waiting game. It will happen, eventually!

The boys have been in so many activities with the 4-H lately and what we have been working for is close.. the State Fair! We are so excited.  We did a huge yardsale to raise the money to go. We are taking 27 kids this year. It was weeks of work, but it paid off and we raised all the money we needed. Thank God!

The first week of  homeschooling both of the boys was a bit like a circus, but in the end we ended up accomplishing everything I had planned for us to do. We had a 4-H Homeschool field trip mid-week and that threw things for a loop. But we had a blast!

I have good intentions every day. I say I'll eat right, drink my water, exercise, blog. But then we are gone all day and I just cave in and fix something quick or worse, eat out. We were home last week during the day for homeschool and we did eat healthier. But still the afternoons were awful. Maybe with our schedule getting lined out after the fair, I'll have more time to think about myself. Yes, I know I should be a priority, but it never happens. I really need to work on that.

I really am going to get back on track. Soon. I have to! I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all!!

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  1. Alana Jo, So glad you posted! I hope that things settle down for you soon and that you find a way to get into a healthy routine :)