Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day ???

I have no clue what day on this adventure today is. I'll have to back track and count it up when I have more time. Anyway, Today is June 30. Well it is actually July 1 now considering it is 3 am, but anyway... Obviously I didn't make it to being down 50 lbs by today, but I am hanging in there.

Michael and I have been trying to find forever homes for our two chocolate labs for about a week. Right now, we just couldn't financially afford over $20 a week in dog food. We are going to keep their Mom, Peaches. We've had her too long to just let someone take her. Duke and DJ were only 8 months old and would adjust much easier than her. It took a while, but we did find them homes. I cried like a baby. Even though I knew I'd asked every question in the book and knew that they would be in good hands, I couldn't help but cry.

One thing I've figured out this week, people lie. They tell you one thing on the computer and when you meet face to face, they tell you something different. One lady told me she didn't have children and had a fenced in yard. When she showed up to meet the dogs, she had a very young daughter and her husband said they didn't have a fence. Thankfully, Duke didn't like her and we didn't have to reject them. They knew they weren't a fit. Dogs know more than some people realize.

Another thing I've learned.. people are jerks. I had 3 families ask us to bring the dogs to meet them and then they never even show up. No call, nothing. Why not just tell me you are no longer interested, your ride didn't show up, etc? That drives me up the wall. Be on time. Be where you say you will be. Be considerate of peoples time and gas.

Anyway, in the end the dogs are happy, we are happy, and the families who took them are happy. Now that one situation has been dealt with, I have about a dozen more to line out. Oh the journey of life.


  1. that is so tough... I wish I could have a doggie. There's a little part of me that envisions the thinner future with a guy and a boxer I can go on walks/runs with. But either/or really and I will be pleased! :)

    People can be terds. Dependability and being true to one's word is so important to me too.

  2. I never understood the attachment to pets until I had some of my own - it's sad to part with them, even if they're going to a better home. Now Peaches will have some extra attention coming her way :)

    People can be so inconsiderate sometimes (often??)! Hope you don't have to deal with those situations again!

  3. You are so close to the 50 that you can smell it! Keep up your hard work and you will quickly see the 50 pound mark!!