Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 80

My life has been so crazy the last few days. I am so ready to relax!

Yesterday Michael was off from work so we spent the entire day getting things done here around the house. He mowed the yard while I swept and mopped the entire house. Once he was back in the house we moved the fridge and freezer so that I could finish my spring cleaning in the kitchen. That is one room done. Clean from top to bottom.. ceiling, walls, cabinets, drawers, everything. Now only 6 more rooms to go! All this while helping Bai with his school work.

By the time I finished up the kitchen it was time to pick Dalton up from school, do dishes, laundry, and cook supper only to do dishes again. After supper we gave the boys haircuts, they had a quick shower, we fed the animals and then went for a ride to the top of the mountain on the 4-wheeler. Well, Bai drove his motorcycle. It was nice and relaxing. We saw a beautiful sunset. The boys wanted to stop by my Moms for a few minutes on the way back, so we did. It was nearly 9pm when we got home. Time for showers again and Daltons homework.

I did eventually get on the treadmill for a mile. I was just too exhausted to do more than that. I had a quick shower and went straight to bed.

Food was pretty good. I was low on calories, but I barely found time to eat yesterday. I didn't get in all my water either. I had around 6 glasses. I did have a fountain Diet Coke too.

Hopefully, today will be slower.

And... for your viewing pleasure... the sun setting as we rode back down the mountain.


  1. You got enough exercise yesterday with all you did and you got on the treadmill! I'm proud of you! Beautiful picture!!!

    1. Thank you Mel Bel. Missed you today. Love ya girlie.

  2. Jeez, I got tired just reading that! You put me to shame with my laziness!! Great job!

    1. Oh how I love to be lazy.
      Hope you had a great day!