Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 64

Whew, it has been a CRAZY few days. I mean CRAZY.

Friday I cleaned for Mom and then we had the tornado outbreak. I came really close on my calories that day.

Yesterday Michael and I cleaned in the house until 4pm. We went to my Great-Niece Alissa's 1st bday party. I ate too much there, too. So after we went to the rec center and worked out pretty hard. I did about 1/4 a mile on the ARC trainer, 3.02 miles on the recumbent bike, 3.05 miles on the spin bike, 2 miles on the treadmill and then did quite a bit of all over strength training with Michael. Even though I ate things I shouldn't have at the party, I am pretty sure I worked off enough calories to come in dead even. I know I burned 600+ calories during cardio. Not sure about with the weights though. I wish I had one of those arm band things they have on The Biggest Loser. I think it is called a body bug.

We stayed at the rec center for 3 hours working out. It was well after 10 pm when we got home. I hadn't much more than sat down until Daddy called and said he was taking Mom to the hospital because she was smothering really bad. She did this a while back and her 02 dropped to 30. She almost died. So we didn't take any chances. We ended up staying at the ER until 4 am. They decided to transfer to a hospital equipped to do dialysis on site and direct admitted her. She had congestive heart failure. I guess it was about 5 am when I finally got in bed.

I slept til noon today. As soon as I got up, my brother called and asked if I wanted his couch and a queen bed he had in his guest room. He had bought new ones and these were in too good of shape to just toss out. So Michael, the boys, and I went and picked it up. We got home at 2 pm and we were actually suppose to be at my Niece Lexi's 8th bday party at 2. So we left again and made it to the party by about 2:20. I ended up eating way too much again. Only this afternoon we didn't have time to work out. When we got home we had to rearrange the entire house. Move the old couch out, new couch in. Bai and Ds twin beds were bunks that had been unstacked. We had to stack those back up in Bai's room so we could put the queen in Dalts room. We had everything lined out by about 9 pm. I got the boys showered and ready for school in the morning and flopped down. No treadmill for me tonight.

I am glad tomorrow is Monday. I am ready for some normalcy even though I dread seeing the scale. I didn't even get on the scale this morning I was so busy. So who knows what my official weigh in would have been. I'll have to go by yesterdays.

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