Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 43 Diet and Exercise

 I took this video last night to show you the workout area at the Recreation Center. We purchased a membership for the month to see if we like working out there enough to keep it a year. Sorry it is so bumpy and blurry. I was trying to keep up with my boys and my niece as it was close to closing time.

Today the boys and I went down to Moms as we usually do on Sunday. The entire family was there and there was a huge potluck of food. I tried my best to avoid all the temptations. I didn't have cake and ice cream for dessert like everyone else did. I'm proud of that. It looked very tempting.

After we left Moms, the boys and I drove to town and met up with Michael as he was getting off from work. We went to the recreation center so the kids could play and Michael and I could work out. Michael worked on his back. He has certain days that he does certain things. He has been working out for years. We pretty much had an entire gym in our home before my oldest wanted his own room. As a result we had to downsize our equipment. We still have a weight bench, punching bag, and treadmill here at home. It is sad that I had all that right here in my home and still managed to get fat.

Anyway, I worked pretty hard today. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and then I did 5.56 miles on the bike programed to weight loss. It worked me out that is for sure. I did get back on the ARC but was only able to do about 7 minutes before I thought I was going to die. That sucker is M.E.A.N. Michael helped me a little with some of the strength training machines that I'm not all that familiar with. I loved having him show me his part of the gym. My arms, chest, back are all a tiny bit sore, but nothing major.

Well I am exhausted. I gots to get in bed. Nite all!

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