Wednesday, February 29, 2012

28 lbs gone FOREVER!

Can you tell? Oh and ignore my hair.. I didn't bother to straighten it.


  1. Alana!!!! I don't even personally know you but I feel like since I have found your blog, I have found a friend! And I have to tell you that there is a VERY noticeable difference. And since I have been down this journey, I found it uplifting when people told me that. All those times I got on the treadmill when all I wanted to do was sleep seemed worth it, ya know what I mean. Not that I was ever doing it for anyone but myself but that when people encouraged me it felt like it was real, that I wasn't just seeing things for myself if that makes anysense at all, lol.
    Your stomach has shrunk girl! Way TO GO!! You should be very proud!
    Have a great day tomorrow! ITs my sons bday tom so I won't be on here probably but go go go! You can do this, you already ARE!!!!!

    1. Aww. That is so sweet Andra. I feel the same way about you. The internet is a wonderful thing. I'm definitely not doing this for anyone but myself, but you are right, it is uplifting for someone to notice. I honestly have a hard time seeing it. I mean I can see a little in the pictures and when I wear my clothes.. but when I look in the mirror I just don't see it. It is like the pictures are someone besides me. Odd, I know. I hope you son has a great birthday! Have a wonderful day!